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Packaging design, labels, boxes, plastic bags and packaging. Vital elements to make your product stand out.


Our solutions in packaging design allows you to have a highly qualified staff not only in graphic design, but also specialized in the area of packaging. This gives us the opportunity to guarantee innovative, personalized, original and quality packaging when creating or designing labels for products, boxes, containers, plastic bags and packaging for the food sector in Ecuador. The result is an added value for your product, making it stand out in the market.

At Firstrein we offer you innovative 3D packaging projections, try our 3D packaging service to improve the visual contact experience of your products. Let us modify the way you see your ideas in space. Our professionals use the right tools for true 3D designs.

Please note that our designs and proposals for packaging design and label design for products are made under the rules and regulations of ARCSA, INEN, PROECUADOR. Which are the entities that regulate food labelling in the country.

  • Label Design
  • Flexible packaging design
  • Product range
  • Structural design
  • 3D Packaging

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