For many graphic designers it is common to hear expressions such as “renew the graphic design, leave the structure” of customers seeking to renew the image of their brand, but, with expressions like these the only thing that is achieved is to limit the ingenuity of designers and the possibilities of creating proposals that put the brand in the fiercely competitive market segments of today.

How to make the most of design to impact the five senses of the consumer?

In recent years has been given greater importance to 3D Branding because it has become more noticeable the competitive advantage that have those who take advantage of this type of design, the impact they generate on their customers and the immediate emotional response in them, ensuring the success of the product in the market.

What is 3D Branding?

For years in the world of packaging design, graphics and structure have often been considered separately, resulting in graphics that do not consider packaging structure in generic formats without personality.

The union between structural and graphic design is what we call 3D Branding. And as we have already mentioned, it creates an immediate emotional response in the customers, ensuring the success of the product in the market, because when structural design and graphic design are successfully included, they can transform a package into an unequalled distinctive of the brand, as can be seen with the Absolut vodka bottle and the Toblerone tablet.

3D Branding adds a multidimensional experience that impacts the five senses of the consumer much more effectively than when the brand speaks to the consumer only through the packaging graphic.

The objective of 3D branding is to generate emotions so the package must seduce in different ways such as shape, material and color without leaving aside the images and typographies it contains.

To effectively change the consumer’s experience, making the everyday unique can be achieved by uniting graphic and structural design. Therefore, our clients will distinguish us from the competition in more evident ways, they will have a clear discernment of the attributes, history and values of the brand. They will also enjoy an ergonomic experience. We will enjoy a high impact at the point of sale due to the outstanding notoriety of our products on the shelves and to establish a link with consumers by increasing the perception of quality.

Nowadays companies like Orangina are betting on 3D Branding generating in their consumers an image of higher quality and exclusivity. Are you willing to give a positive twist to your products? Would you like your brand’s packaging to highlight the quality and tenacity with which they are made to stand out from the competition? Would you like your products to stand out on the shelves? At Firstrein we have a team trained to perform this work in the most responsible way possible, so do not hesitate to write to us, we will give you the advice you need.